Assoc. Prof. Sitanon JESDAPIPAT, Ph.D.

126/2612 Tiwanon Rd., Pakred, Nonthaburi 11120, Thailand

Nationality: Thai; Mobile (6690)9730160;  Email:

Overview: Sitanon Jesdapipat has had over two decades of teaching and research experience in natural resources, environmental economics, climate change policy and research methods, at the undergraduate and graduate levels. He took early retirement from Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, in 2006. Serving on various committees, he also services Thai governments and international organizations such as WTO, UN organizations, ADB and selected NGOs, in the technical advisor capacity, the experience which enables him to have a deep understanding of the government and non-government sectors. He also roots his role at the regional level, and at the local community level, to bridge the gap between policy formulation and reality on the ground. Being presently an independent consultant and Vice Dean for International Affairs, at the College of Social Innovation, Rangsit University, Thailand, he aims to use his knowledge and experience to improve policy formulation—and to bring experience back to improving upon universities’ roles in the society. His most recent achievement includes a draft Cambodian Climate Change Strategic Plan and an ADB report on Thailand development. He is now working on a Climate Change Strategic Adaptation Plan for Eastern Region of Thailand.



1980-1984         Ph.D., University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA, with Scholarship of the Royal Thai Government in Agricultural Economics

1978-1980         M.Sc., Ag.Ec., Pennsylvania State University, USA, with Scholarship of the Royal Thai Government, in Agricultural Economics

1973-1977         B.Sc., Ag.Ec., Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand in Agricultural Economics



1998                 Climate Change Policy; Harvard University’s Executive Training Workshop, Cambridge, MA, USA

Project Cycle and Logical Framework Analysis; GEF Training Workshop held in Hanoi

1994                 Environmental Economics and Policy Analysis; A training by Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); A workshop organized by CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency), Bangkok, Thailand



Present             Vice Dean for International Affairs, College of Social Innovation, Rangsit University, Thailand

Present:            Guest Lecturer at AIT; Asian Development Institute for Community-based Energy and Technology (adiCET), Chiangmai; Phrayao University; Rajbhat Chiangrai; School of Economics and Social Policies, Srinakharind Wiroj University; Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University; Prapokkraw Institute

2009-Present     Member, National Committee on Biodiversity Conservation and Use, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment; and Working Committee for Thailand Climate Change Master Plan

  • Provide policy advice to the National Focal Point for Biodiversity, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment



 2010-2012         Associate, SEA START Regional Center

  • Conduct research in climate change policy, trade and sustainable development, and economic instruments
  • Manage “Thailand Climate Forum” and Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) in SEA START Regional Center

2011-2012         Senior Climate Change Policy Advisor, Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy (ONEP) (National Focal Point), Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

  • Provide technical and substantive advice to the National Focal Point
  • Assist the re-organization of the Climate Change Office, Thailand’s National Focal Point
  • Provide other advices to serve the functions of the National Focal Point, including climate change negotiations
  • Project Advisor and Lead Author for the completion of the Climate Change Master Plan for Thailand

2011-2012         Member, IPCC Task Force Group on IPCC Procedures

  • Provide critical review and recommendations on the IPCC process

2008-2009         Advisory CDM Board Member, Industrial Forest Organization, Thailand

  • Provide policy advice on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

2008-2009         Member, Working Group, the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia, ERIA, Japan (Now dissolved)

  • Produce policy papers for ASEAN community
  • Engage in policy dialogues, occasionally

2007-2009         Technical Advisor, Red Cross/ Red Crescent Climate Centre, the Netherlands

  • Advise National Societies of Southeast Asian Red Cross/ Red Crescent in streamlining climate change into disaster risk management and humanitarian works
  • Represent the RC/RC Climate Centre in Southeast Asia in technical capacity

2005-2009         Member, National Committee on Environmental Impact Assessment, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

  • Serve as an environmental economics expert on the committee, which approves EIA reports

2005-2007         Member, Thailand National Sub-committee on Climate Change, National Environment Board

  • Provide policy advice
  • Approves climate change projects and advises governments in climate change related matters
  • At times, represent government in climate change negotiation
  • Act as resource person on climate change for government

2006-2007         Country Director and Policy Director, WWF Greater Mekong Programme

  • Indentify and develop policy options that challenge conservation efforts in the Greater Mekong Region
  • Fundraise for projects, plan and implement financial plans
  • Monitor progress and reporting in project implementation
  • Liaison and communicate with stakeholders and other organizations and funders
  • Disseminate policy information to support operations of WWF Greater Mekong Programme
  • Supervised staff members in the Thailand office

2006-2007         Chairman, Thailand GEF Climate Change Subcommittee, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

  • Establish criteria and screening project proposals submitted for GEF/RAF funding, and report to the National GEF Focal Point
  • Advise project proponents on necessary improvements

1997-2006         Executive Director, Centre for Ecological Economics, Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Supporting and teaching in the International Master and Ph.D. Degree Programs in Environment and Natural Resources Economics within the Faculty
  • Raising fund for research and public education activities
  • Provide public services in terms of lectures and acting as resource persons in seminars of government, NGOs, trade organizations, the Royal Project, and the private sectors

1998-2006         Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Taught microeconomics and environmental economics at the undergraduate level, also taught research methods and advanced microeconomics at the graduate level
  • Advise master degree-level theses and Ph.D. dissertation in areas related to climate change, economic instruments and trade and environment

1998-2003         Assistant Program Director, International Environmental Economic Programme, Chulalongkorn University

  • Major administrative responsibilities include student recruits, financial planning and providing advisory services to students

1996-1997         Natural Resources Management Program Director, Thailand Environment Institute, Bangkok, Thailand

  • Supervise staff in the Natural Resources Management Program to conduct research in a wide-range of areas, including climate change, trade and environment, natural resources management and biodiversity
  • Working under the Council and Board of Directors, participate in strategic corporate planning and administration, identifying, fund-raising and executing research projects
  • Interact with clients, including government branches and ministries, UN, ASEAN Secretariat, private sector and other NGOs
  • Provided in-house technical backstopping for research programs and projects

1984-1995         Associate Professor and Department Head, Faculty of Business Economics, Maejo University, Chiangmai, Thailand

  • Taught economic development and microeconomics at the graduate and undergraduate levels
  • Supervised students’ theses
  • Conduct research in areas related to highland development, and agricultural economics
  • Initiated two undergraduate programs (Environmental economics and Agricultural economics) and one master degree program in Agricultural economics, which are currently offered by the Faculty of Economics
  • Established an academic link with University of Alberta to develop the curricular for Environmental economics



Present             Strategic Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Eastern Thailand, Office of National Environmental Policy and Planning, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand

EIA study for Suwannabhumi Airport Runway Expansion, Airport Authority of Thailand, UEA Consultant

2012 Climate Change Policy Specialist, UNDP Cambodia, to draft Cambodia’s Climate Change Strategic Plan

2012- mid 2013  Climate Change Research Specialist, ADAPT Asia-Pacific – Developing a Strategic Plan for Applied Climate Change Research in Thailand

2012 Climate Change Policy Advisor, UNDP Thailand, to draft full GEF/UNDP project proposal for Low Emission Capacity Building Project for Thailand

2012 Consultant, Asian Development Bank, Diagnosing Critical Constraints to Growth and Structural Transformation in Selected Developing Members Countries – Sector Specialist- Environment and Climate Change (42337-012)

2011-12 Climate Change Policy Specialist, UNDP Cambodia, to draft Cambodian Climate Change Strategic Plan, under Cambodian Climate Change Alliance (CCCA)

2011 Climate Change Expert, in Three river run-off dams: Sanakham Dam Development Project; Pak Bang Dam Development Project; and Pay Lay Dam Development Project, Lao PDR.

2010-2011 Project Coordinator, GEF.UNIDO Climate Change Full Project Brief Formulation for UNIDO, Overcoming Policy, Market and Technological Barriers to Support South-South Climate Technology Transfer: The Case of Ethanol from Cassava, for the National Science and Technology Development Agency, NSTDA, Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand

2009 Consultant, GEF Climate Change Project Formulation for UNIDO, Overcoming Policy, Market and Technological Barriers to Support South-South Climate Technology Transfer: The Case of Ethanol from Cassava, for the National Science and Technology Development Agency, NSTDA, Ministry of Science and Technology, Thailand

2008 Leader, GEF Project Formulating Team, Catalyzing Sustainability of Thailand’s Protected Areas Systems, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Protection, Thailand

National Climate Expert, the Asian Development Bank, Regional Review of the Economics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia (RRECCS), Thailand

2007-2008 Leader, Capacity Building for Post Kyoto Regime, Research project sponsored by APN, granted to SEA START

2005 Consultant, Thailand: Building Capacity for Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Risks. Units for Social and Environment Research, USER, Chiangmai University

Consultant, Valuation of non-timber benefits from, and protective values of mangrove forests in Tsunami affected areas in Southern Thailand, IUCN and UNEP

Consultant, Underground water master plan, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Consultant, Managing above- and underground water conjunctive use, Department of Underground Water, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Consultant, Enhancing private sector participation in wastewater and solid waste management, for the office of Natural Resources and Environment Policy and Plan

Consultant, Prepare a paper on bundling small CDM projects in Thailand, for UNEP Riso Center for Climate Change

Consultant, Prepare a paper on Thailand’s strategic role in GMS for accession of India, for Consumer Union for Trade and Sustainable Development (CUTS)

Consultant, Prepare a paper on the evolution of environmental governance of Thailand, 2002-2005, for IUCN

2002 Lead Consultant, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Project on Environmental Services and Human Development. The project aims to strategize selected Asian countries in negotiating the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) in the World Trade Organization (WTO), with human development goals

Consultant, United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) for the UNCTAD/FIELD Project on Building Capacity for Improved Policy Making and Negotiation on Key Trade and Environment Issues. I drafted a scoping paper for this regional project and assisted in regional conferences organized during the period

Fellow and team member, Thailand Research Fund Public Forum for Thailand’s Rio +10 Process, to raise public awareness on sustainable development debates and Thailand’s commitment to the Rio Process

National Consultant, Thailand National Mekong Committee (TNMC). Advise TNMC on issues related to environmental, economic and social transboundary analysis of Water Utilization Project Working Group 2. The output will be used in Mekong River Commission’s Basin Development Program

2001 Chief Local Technical Advisor, Exploring Feasibilities to Introduce Economic Instruments to Environmental Protection. Assists International Technical Advisor in advising capacity building efforts in the Ministry of Finance, Thailand. Also, leading a team of multidiscipline experts who help support necessary demands that might emerge

2001 Climate Change National Expert for the capacity building Project of UNIDO. Establish a process in identifying and formulating industrial projects that might be qualified for CDM projects. Outputs are prototype projects that can be readily become initial portfolios for CDM consideration

2000 Project Evaluation Expert, The task was to evaluate the Thailand component of the Sustainable Management of Resources in the Lower Mekong Basin Project of GTZ-Mekong River Commission Secretariat

1998, 2000 National Expert, Livestock and Environment. Food and Agriculture of the United Nation (FAO). The first engagement was to review status of the relationship between environmental protection and livestock production. The second project was to assess the economics of integrating the livestock and crop production, and policies to support area-wide integration (AWI) of crop and livestock production








(1) Member, Expert Group on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), under the National Environment Board. The task is to scrutinize EIA processes and reports for the Thai Government


(2) Advisor, Subcommittee on Sustainable Development of the Senate, Committee on Foreign Relations, Thailand. The mandate is to give advice to the Subcommittee on its task related to Thailand’s implementation of Agenda 21, international environmental agreements and other related agreements


(3) Member, National Subcommittee on Environmental Economics. under the National Environment Board. Task is to provide policy advice on trade and environment as well as applications of economic instruments for environmental protection


(4) Board Member, International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), Geneva. 1997-2001. Serving as board member to set policy for ICTSD


(5) Board Member, Centre for Development Policy Studies (CdePS), Chulalongkorn University. 2007-Present


(6) Steering Committee Member, Working Group on Environment, Trade and Investment (GETI), Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP), IUCN, Geneva, 2002-2007. GETI has been mandated to help CEESP in identifying the IUCN niche in trade and environment


(7) Member, Working Committee on Clean Development Mechanism, CDM, Thailand


(8) Member, Expert Committee on Policy on Conflict Resolution, especially related to Major Projects, National Environment Board, Royal Thai Government. 2002-Present


(9) Advisor, Royal Initiative Project, Pilot Integrated Land-Use for Poor communities. Huay Sai, Petchaburi Province, Central Thailand. 2000-Present. Assist the Project in formulating and executing a pesticide-free vegetable production and marketing, as well as establishing quality control mechanisms


(10) Advisor, Forest Industry Organization (FIO), a state timber enterprise. 1999-Present. The major task is to assist FIO in setting new strategies in its core business, which will exploit green movement as well as other opportunities such as carbon sinks and related research opportunities


(11) External Reviewer, Academic Performance for Academic Positions, Research Reports, etc. of Faculty of Economics, Kasetsart University, Thammasat University and Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok


(12) Chairman, Working Committee on Integrated Product Policy (IPP), a special committee to advise the National Subcommittee on Environmental Economics, National Environment Board, Thailand, 2002


(13) Member, Working Committee on Thailand Mekong Basin Development Plan, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment


(14) Advisor, Designated National Authority for Clean Development Mechanism (DNACDM), Thailand, Present


(15) Member, Danish Core Experts on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), Thailand


(16) Member, Working Committee on CDM Benefit Sharing, National Environment Board. Major responsibilities are to establish criteria and them in screening CDM projects that are submitted to the CDM National Focal Point for approval


(17) Member, Advisory Committee of Project on Rapid Trade and Environment Assessment, International Institute for Trade and Sustainable Development, 2007. The major task is to advise IISD on its trade and environment project operating in Thailand and Laos


(18) Member, Rice Policy Review Committee, Ministry of Commerce, January-April 2007. Major responsibility is to review the rice policy of Thailand and report results to the Minister of Commerce


(19) Advisor, Research Division of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), Thailand (present)







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To be provided upon request.